Convert Facebook ID to page

Convert Facebook ID to page

Using this trick. We can turn all our friends’ pages into likes. Suppose your friends have 5,000, then we will get 5,000 likes and followers. You may be tired of seeing many posts on Facebook to promote fd page. But if you use this method, you can like our page for free.

How to create a page !

Browse this Link :

1.First login with your fb id then go to Facebook from the link given above.

2.Now click on How Do I Convert My Profile To a Page .

3.Now click on Go To Create a Facebook Page Based on your Profile.

4.Here you can set all the details of your page. You can select what your page is built on it by going to Category. And you can take the name of your page with address and number.

5.Go to category and click on Save change with the top of your page.

6.If you want to change the name of your page, then click on continue with the name of your page.

7.Now click on Request Change.

8.Now click on ok.

9.After giving all your details, click on Next.

10.If you want to turn all your fd into likes on your page, then click on Selected All. When you create the page, your friend will not turn into a few of them.

11.After selecting, click on Next.

12.Here you can see all the photos uploaded to the upper id. Then click on Finish. 13.Done, Now Enjoy  

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