Facebook Promotion : Tips & Tricks

Facebook Promotion : Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to get promoted on fb, among which I will discuss two things that need to be known

1st. Page Likes: –
After opening a new page on Facebook, you can get some likes by inviting well-wishers, but it is not enough to start a business, so you have to promote to increase the likes. In this case, how many dollars will be like it can not be said specific. 100 to 500 or more likes for 1 dollar. It largely depends on your page cover photo or the image you select for promotion. So it is better to make 2000/4000 page likes before giving cell promotion of the product.

2nd. Post Boost: –
In this case, the post can be a photo or video of the product. How many dollars you will boost in the beginning depends on your budget and the stock of the product. The minimum will not be less than 1 dollar for 1 day. Initially a budget of / 5/10 per day can be kept for 5 or 6 days. In case of initial boost, you can take any one of the two options. Post engagement two. Send message. Currently more cells are available from the send message option.

Target Audience: –

In the case of promotion, it is most important to select the right target customer.
Here are the things to look for when selecting a customer:

  1. Area 2. Gender 3. Age 4. Interest
    It is better to avoid option 4 in the primary stage, if you can select the other 3 properly, you will get good results.
    I will discuss 1, 2 and 3 in a little detail.
  • Area: You have to decide which area you want to show your ad to people like: – You have a gymnasium in Mirpur, Dhaka. If you want to advertise for admission there, even if you select “Dhaka City”, it will be wrong. . In case of product selling, you have to select the area where you can deliver the product. Normali can give the whole of Bangladesh because the product can be sent by courier outside Dhaka.
  • Gender: Even if you don’t write much about it. As you will sell the girls’ three back cell, in this case you will just select “female”. Many people may ask whether boys don’t buy girls’ products. The answer is that if you select both boys and girls, the sales that will come from boys will be less than your costing. However, in some cases, if you select “All” i.e. both male and female, you will get good results. For example, if you sell children’s toys, all is better because both parents are your target customers.
  • Age: Keep the age range between 18 to 50 according to your product.
  • Let’s talk a little bit about interest, although it is not necessary at the primary level! Interest is based on our online activities and information. Some online platforms like Google and Facebook may know our interest which they later use for marketing purposes. If your product is the cover of the iPhone, then if you do not select the iPhone in place of interest, you will not get the expected results.
    Discussions on promotion will continue so be patient.

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