Logo Selection for Online Business

Logo Selection for Online Business

Logo can be roughly 3 ways

  1. Write your brand name using different fonts, colors and effects, such as the logo of Bata and evaly.
  2. Just use any symbol and there will be no name like Apple’s logo.
  3. Combined is a combination of symbol and brand name. In this case, the symbol can be the first letter of the brand name or anything. Such as Walton & Gree.
    I will suggest 1st and 3rd category.

Tagline / slogan
You can add a slogan to the brand’s logo, but the font size should be much smaller than the logo.
The slogan must be related to your product category or service. For example, if your business is in the fashion category, then you are Fashion is passion, Quality First, Choice is yours and if your courier company, then committed to fast delivery, you will choose your choice from thousands of slogans of this type.

Where and how to design the logo ?
If you don’t have a budget, you can design your own logo so you don’t have to know the work of graphics, go to Google and search for “free online logo maker” and you will find many websites where you can create logos with symbols, fonts and slogans. You can.
And if you have a budget, you can design a logo with a professional. The budget can be from $ 5 to 000 5000. The main thing here is that the cost will be determined depending on the professionalism and creativity of the person you will design with.

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