5 mistakes and solutions when it comes to branding a business

5 mistakes and solutions when it comes to branding a business

Brand yourself or who the company is ?

It is almost seen that people are hesitant, which one will matter? Yourself or the company? Many say your business introduces you. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to get acquainted with your business, not as a personal “you”. I hope you will understand the matter better by giving an example.

Suppose you are a female entrepreneur and naturally your favorite color is pink, but your business is based on family photography. That means there won’t just be women that you give your preferred color to your brand identity. This means that what is more important than what you want here is what your business wants, it may or may not be your choice.

How to fix it?

– First of all, look at the audience of your business, male or female, how old they are, and what they are most passionate about.

– How would you like to express your business in a professional, friendly and feminine way?

– Now think about what kind of color and design they go with, which type of color you prefer

– It doesn’t matter what kind of style your competitors are using, you should copy from there when you want Winnick to do something and then know.

*Not to be in the same design

Another big mistake in branding is not having the same design. It is very important that when you use any of your designs, it should be the same everywhere, one by one the design will confuse your customers and your visitors may not remember you.

Think of a big brand, Konka Cola. If they used the same font color in one place in their logo or different shades of red, it would not only be amateur but also their viewers would be confused about it. When people go for a walk, but they find out where there is a car with Konka Kola written on it, even now they don’t need the full name and they will see a letter of Konka Kola and people will understand that it is Konka Kola.

How to fix it?

– Use the same profile photo, cover photo everywhere so that people can easily recognize you. It is better to design profile photos and cover photos separately because many people take a picture from Google and put it in the cover photo which can be given by anyone else, but again your viewers will be confused.

-Fix a color scheme and use it all the time. First of all, it is written how to fix the color. Another thing is that a lot of color confuses the viewer so “Keep It Simple”

– Do not do more than two to 3 logo variations, but variation does not mean that you will change the design of your logo. Suppose your original logo is green, it will not appear on the green background again when you change the color to green.

– When you decide on a style for a design, you try to hold on to it, just like you do a design to give a picture of a product, try to use it everywhere with logo, shape, but on special days, special discounts have to be designed a little differently. Maybe, but there is no need to do too much.

Changing the brand identity after a few days

It’s a lot like point number 2, you want your audience to forget you. Here are some of your mistakes. For example, when you first started, you thought about what kind of logo. Now, let’s start with a picture from Google on the cover, etc. It can be done better later. Did, But then many will be hesitant later, and if you change the design of your brand identity frequently, the audience will also wonder if it is right to work with it if your mind changes too soon.

Think of the big companies again, but they haven’t changed their logo in years. He kept the previous one. What they don’t think is that their logo can be further improved and the thing they are emphasizing is that they are already familiar with the logo.

How to fix it?

– Don’t take any kind of logo design to run the work, many people make logos from many inexperienced designers for free or for a small amount of money, instead of doing that, make a good logo first.

– If you can do it yourself, you may not be able to do as much as you want. There you can talk to a skilled designer, share your ideas with him, listen to his ideas and make a good design.

Amateur designed

– What is amateur design, I wrote at the beginning of this article, say your choice is pink but your business speaks of another color, now when you go to design yourself or let an amateur design someone, but they will come up with the design of their choice. But then it will not reveal your business, it will reveal your or the designer’s personal preferences. And if your branding is not right, it will have a bad effect on your business.

How to fix it ?

If your budget is low, then you should try to design something that will show your business in the right way. And the bottom line is that it can be done as well as possible.

Designed like others

It has been seen many times that many people want to design like a big company, if not exactly, and keep the idea like that, let’s see how the idea of Amazon’s logo can be put in its logo in any way. That cannot be done. You can see your competitor’s design, which is a good thing, but not for copying, but for how to do something different. Remember don’t copy tie to find new things in the market. Do something new.

How to fix it ?

Think for yourself and find ideas that are different from others, you don’t have to do it alone, tell your acquaintances, tell your friends they can help you too, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a big company. If you do, people will give more importance, etc. etc. Such thoughts will take you away. You can wear it backwards.  

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